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EduRevolution - Moving Education into the 21st Century and preparing for the 22nd


  1. Education needs to prepare our children for their future

  2. Our education system was designed by the Committee of Ten in 1892 by Horace Mann to prepare US workers for the industrial revolution.  This world no longer exists. (1)

  3. Achievement gap of students needs to be closed for all students

  4. Students need to be ready to compete in the global knowledge-based economy or we face a larger dilemma of increasing unemployment, crime, and welfare

  5. Students need to infuse their own experience in their educational journey. (3)

  6. China is poised to lead the world in Artificial Intelligence implementation. (2)



  1. Lead educational recovery by expanding awareness and implementation of the T3 Framework for Innovation in Education (4) and the EduProtocols (5).

    • The T3 Framework is learning model with peer-reviewed Effect Sizes of 1.6 (and higher) that was inducted into the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. An Effect Size of 1.6 represents a 4X increase in learning compared to traditional instructional methods. 

    • The EduProtocols are powerful lesson-frames that help scaffold the implementation of the T3 Strategies in online, hybrid and in-person classrooms.

  2. Measurably increase authentic student engagement and learning with guidance provided by the T3 Framework, the EduProtocols and the new T3 EduProtocols.

  3. Aligns with Fullan’s Drivers for Educational Change

  4. Enthusiastically reviewed by John Hattie. 



  1. Leveraging high-impact instructional practice that integrates enhances highly reliable teaching methods with effective technology use - (Capacity building, pedagogy, and continuous feedback)

    1. T3 Framework – Next-level modern pedagogy, Continuous feedback, Mastery learning

    2. EduProtocol Lesson Frames – In use in classrooms across the state and loved by teachers and students

  2. Leaders artfully guide learning systems

  3. Teachers artfully guide students along the Common Core continuum based on student interest and solving real life challenges.

  4. Public reporting and demonstrations of student learning for the entire community



  1. Technology-Enhanced Instruction is implemented with highly effective best practices and strategies and leveraged to support such practices with fidelity (4) (5)

  2. Technology instruction is mindfully monitored to ensure impact on students social and academic performance (4) (5)

  3. New content should be meaningful, connected, organized and relevant to the learner (4) (5)

  4. Learning is enhanced through feedback and active evaluation (4) (5)

  5. Learning is a social activity that builds on previous experience (4) (5)


1 -, 2 -, 3-, 4 - Disruptive Classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education  5 – The EduProtocols Field Guide


Kia Cotton, Parent

Great things happening in Education!  Total game changer!  My child is transforming into a good student and discovering he is way smarter, stronger and hardworking than he thought.  All while having fun, getting to use his creativity, being allowed to make choices and BE CURIOUS, which in turn, promotes him to take ownership of his education.  POWERFUL, Parents, educators, people of the planet, YOU'VE GOT TO LISTEN TO THIS!

@LakerMike248, First Year Teacher

As a 1st year teacher there is so much info to take in. Here is one of my favs, “Shifting students roles from passive consumers... to become active producers of knowledge representation, changes the game in immeasurable ways.”                  ~Sonny Magana 

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